You Are Loved And Valued

You Are Loved And Valued

It is in hope that the person who told me this story was joking, but one never knows for sure. He told me that his dad was teaching him woodworking and carpentry skills. His task was to measure and cut the board to fit into the prepared space. He measured, and cut. Not right. So, me measured and cut again, still didn’t fit. So, he asked his father, “Dad, I’ve measured and cut twice and it’s still too short!” His dad gave him a half smile and said, “Okay son, let’s talk about logic and mistakes.” The board was repurposed and another bough brought in to try again.

I think this is, in part, what this scripture is about. God is not there to stand over us with a whip and a chair, getting angry at us for being human. Rather, to help us grow in knowledge, see mistakes as opportunity to develop wisdom and skills, and finally know we are valued children of God. And that is the long and the short of it: you are loved and valued.


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