Woven in Love

Woven in Love

I’ve noticed something: children are getting older and old people are getting older.

Seems to be a common thread here. My grandson, who is 9, now reads to me at night and is talking about his driver’s license while filling his glass with milk. Old friends are moving into retirement and some making end of life decisions. One thing they all have in common: they are simply living life the best they know how. Do I agree with their decisions, some yes, some no – but it’s not my choice. My choice is to love them, not because I agree, but because I love them. All in all, we journey in life separately- together, bound by this common thread woven in love.

I think that in part, that is what the scripture is about. Love doesn’t mean we always agree, or are in the same phase of life. What it does mean is that we smile at the growing pains as we help mop up the milk. We try to understand life choices, especially when they are different from our own. We trust in God’s common thread for us: to live in His love and grace.


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