The Way God Intended

The Way God Intended

I’m in the process of wallpapering part of my kitchen. I do know how to wallpaper, and usually enjoy it, but this particular pattern is much harder than most.  Although I have the match correct, and the level says it is online, it doesn’t look right.

So, I took the second piece down, repasted, and started again. Still, the same results. It looks off. Standing at the side of it, the pattern seems to be okay, but straight on, not so much.

So, I’ve decided it is the way it is designed, either that or I am going to just rip it off the wall and start screaming. 

The real question is can I stand to live with a design that I don’t recognize as perfect? If this is the designers plan, then it is on right;   if I’ve messed up. . .. The problem is I don’t know which. I think in part, that is what the scripture is about. When we accept each person to be the way God intended, we may see what we think there are flaws, but in truth, it is the design of life. We love each other because we are all God’s children – design flaws and all. Not perfect, just loved.


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