Shoes Are My Thing

Shoes Are My Thing

Shoes are my thing. High heels, stacked heels, wedge heels, opened toed, sling backs, sandals. . . . . I have multi pars of all. The only problem, they aren’t in style any longer. Since the pandemic, a more casual – cloth – no high heel shoes are the style – tennis shoes, flat walking shoes, slip on flats, flip-flops: yuck!!! I think I am the sole survivor of high heels. I’ve been to several stores looking in vain, for a great shoe for the summer. Flats, flats, flats: It is not well with my sole. I’m going to go shopping again today, and see what I can find.

I do think part of not being able to find a shoe might be because I love looking, and of course going out for lunch after, or in the middle, or at the beginning of the shopping trip. It’s not so much the finding as the quest, as it is the friendships along the way. That’s what makes ones soul happy.

I think that is a very small part of Easter. Jesus came to give us a great gift of peace and eternal life, but so often we are so caught up in the quest for what we think we want, we don’t see the great gift of life that is offered to us. We are so worried about our soles, we over look the opportunity to have our souls healed. The highest heal comes from the soul being touched by the love and peace of Jesus Christ. “It is well, it is well with my soul!”




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