Making Good Choices

Making Good Choices

It’s been a strange week, full of the Memorial holiday, overnight guests, and a small case of Covid. Not any good excuses, but as usual, it is easy to get distracted from the things I should be doing by the things that seem to be making the most noise.

I’m fine, just feel like I have a bad cold, and need a cup of tea. Be back to church on June 11th. Five days of quarantine, or as a friend described it, “five days of imposed naps and reading.” I’m also watering flowers and washing the kitchen curtains.

Waiting does not mean being without activity, but it does mean making good choices about activities in which to be employed. It’s a time to separate the noise from the music.

I think in part, that is what the scripture is about. We are called to wait for the Lord to return. We don’t have any particulars on the time, we are told to just wait. But still, we are to be employed in the business of faithfulness to Jesus Christ. We are called to help our family, friends and neighbors separate the noise from the music that they may hear the love and grace of Jesus Christ. And that my friend, is worth waiting for.


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