Leaning Into The Promise and Possibility Of What Can Be

Leaning Into The Promise and Possibility Of What Can Be

At the swimming pool there was a young family, the little boy was maybe 2. He wanted to get into the water, but he was at the same time afraid. His dad came over and said, “come on buddy, let’s go swimming.” Dad picked up the child, secure in his arms, and hopped into the pool. The little boy was at first startled by the cold and depth, but soon was giggling and splashing from the safety of his dad’s arms. If dad had let go, the child would have been in way over his head, with not a good outcome.

Safe and secure, he was able to experience the joy of the moment, and the promise of possibilities as he grows into adulthood – and learns to swim. I think that in part, that is what this scripture is about. God holds us in His arms to protect us, and at the same time, show us what is possible as we grow and lean into the future. On our own, we may get in way over our heads with not such good outcomes. The trick to joy and growth is pretty simple: allow the loving arms of God to hold you up while leaning into the promise and possibility of what can be.

Come hop in the pool, the water is fine.


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