Knowing Our Limits

Knowing Our Limits

Telling me not to worry is like telling me not to breath. My dad used to tell me I was going about life like I was trying to kill snakes: to scattered and over whelm, to see options and possibilities.

It’s kind of the opposite of stopping to smell the flowers, it’s more like being a lawn mower through the flower bed. So, in the past few years, I’ve asked friends who seem to live a much calmer life, “what’s the secret?” One of my old friends said to me, “I don’t bake cookies.” Puzzled by her answer I said, “what?” She smiled and said, “I’ve learned my limits and respect myself and others to help get things done.”

I think that is what the scripture is about. Sure, we need to be motivated and active, but we need to remember that we are not alone. In Jesus Christ we are given the peace of God to look at a situation. through prayer and thinking, we have hope and most of all, the wisdom of our Lord. We do have to pay attention and claim the joy of being in the community of the church.

Nothing wrong with being a lawn mower as long as one goes around the flower beds.



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