God’s Wonderful Gift

God’s Wonderful Gift

I wrote this a few years ago, and it was first published in the Lafayette IN Journal and Courier

Easter brings out the “creative” instincts in people, and such was the year of the lambs In worship for the Children’s Sermon. It was decided that because one of the parishioners Penny, had new lambs, it would be a great idea to bring a couple of them into the church on Easter Sunday morning to give the children an idea of what is meant by “Jesus is the lamb of God.” With great care we began out plan. A special pen was built that would fit into my office and hold the lambs until just the right moment when they could be lead down the aisle. We even determined a way to put “Pampers” on the lambs so they wouldn’t leave any little presents on the carpet. With great care, Penny determined the spot the tail should fit though and managed to cut the diapers just right to allow a bobbed tail to peak out. All was ready. On Easter Sunday morning the children were all gathered at the front of the church waiting for the wonderful surprise they had been promised. The sweet scene we had all envisioned was totally annihilated with the screams of the children running for their lives as the lambs came charging down the aisle wearing pampers, and dragging Penny at the end of their rope (and quite possibly hers too.) The house came down, when a little three-year-old stood on the railing, pointed and shouted, “Look Mommy, Mamma Lambs buy pampers too.” Guess you can’t pull the wood lover the eyes of a three-year-old.

In part, I think this is what the scripture is about. God has given us a wonderful gift in His son Jesus Christ. God wants us to see the joy and promise of His love through the simple knowledge that Jesus came into the world that we might have life. So, in joy and love, we are offered a gift, and in promise and hope we are amazed.

Blessings and Happy Easter,

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