Faith Is Not Magic

Faith Is Not Magic

Well, it’s official, the ground hog saw his shadow, so there will be 6 more weeks of Winter. Or, as I like to think of it, 6 more weeks to lose the 5 pounds of holiday weight I gained. It is cheaper to lose weight than to go shopping, but not nearly as much fun. Shopping usually includes calling a girlfriend to go along, looking at the new styles (that this year look like what we wore in the early 70’s. I didn’t look good in that then either.), complaining that all of the new clothes are cut small, (or maybe it is the 5 lbs.), and then going out to lunch. Or, I could go to the gym, eat a salad and not buy bread this week. Since several of my friends go to the same gym, we could go out for lunch after. I would just need to order a salad rather than a burger with fires. It seems that to get healthy I will have to make sacrifices that require time, energy and commitment.

Ya know, getting healthy and happy takes effort. I think that is one of the gifts that God gives us: the opportunity to participate in our own health and well-being. God is there is help us, but we have to put in our efforts as well. Faith is not magic. It requires time, energy and commitment.

I need to add lettuce to my grocery list, and see what time Patti wants to meet me at the gym.


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