Coming To Grips With The Mats

Coming To Grips With The Mats

This week has been wonderful. I’ve been at my son’s home visiting with his family, and taking care of my young grandchildren. They have a cat, “Water Lily,” a long-haired Persian whose fur became so entangled and matted that she had to go to the vet to get shaved. All that is left is the long hair on her head and tail. She looks a little like a demented poodle, and she knows it. She is both embarrassed and cold. She wants to be held and comforted, I mean when you are both embarrassed and cold, who wouldn’t; but at the same time, she wants to hiss and hide. What a dilemma, comfort or pride.

I think that in part, is what this scripture is about. There is not one person in the world who has not gotten tangled or caught up in stuff. Some of our own making, other, life just happening. To be healthy and keep going, we have to come to grips with the mats, tangles and all. We can either give up in our pride, or get rid of the mats: allowing God is heal us, or living in pride.

Isn’t that always the case, hissing or loving!!


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