Click The Button Three Times

Click The Button Three Times

My iPhone went totally crazy. It starting talking to me in a high fast crazy voice, something like the munchkins from the wizard of Oz. I felt just like Dorothy of Oz, wondering how on earth I was ever going to get back home, or at least have phone and email access. So off to the at&t store I went with the notion that I would probably walk out with a new phone, and a coffee coaster.

Handing the phone to the very nice young man, the phone began its munchkin routine. He simply took the phone into his hand, hit a button 3 times and poof, the phone was fixed. Open mouth, I said “what on earth did you do?” He said, “I just turned off the voice over function, no problem if you know how, let me show you.” Those are the key words – if you know how!!

It occurred to me that this is the scripture for this week. We have a lot of “voice over” that distract us from being joyful and whole. It is as if the munchkins are stuck in our heads with their fears and leading us down windy – confusing – dead end roads. God wants us to listen and walk a path that led to joy and happiness. I had the power to fix it all along. All I just had to do was click the button three times. No ruby slippers required.


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