Choosing Life and Joy

Choosing Life and Joy

I often try to decide if I’m going to take the loop around Indy or drive surface streets. In the past few weeks, 465 around Indianapolis has usually been a parking lot. So, this week, going to an appointment in midtown Indianapolis, I decided to get off the loop, and just take surface streets. Not sure if it was a good decision or not, because I will never know how long it would have taken if I’d stayed stuck in traffic on 465.

I just made a decision, and went for it. One of my son’s asked me once if the decision he was making was the right one. I told him, “You will probably never know. You make a decision based on fact, prayer and the wisdom at the time. And in fact, you will probably never know if it was the “right” choice. You can only walk one path at time. And that path will lead to the next.”

I think that in part that is what the scripture is about. Options are before us, and we called to make choices. To follow along, or get caught up in the stream of the crowd may seem easiest, but the truth is that is does not lead to us to experience to truth, love, joy and peace. God gives us the opportunity to be individuals, to choose joy and life. Most don’t bother, or are too afraid. But those who do seek and find, have a totally different trip.

Living in joy and peace is a choice.


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