Bringing Us Comfort and Joy

Bringing Us Comfort and Joy

This is the season of Epiphany, when the world says about the coming of Jesus, “Oh, now I get it.” On the mantle in my family room is a statue of Jesus. It’s about 9 inches tall, and I think it depicts Jesus waving to his disciples to come to shore on the Sea of Galilee.

This week, as I was sitting in my recliner with a box of tissues and a cup of tea, I looked up and glanced at it, it felt like Jesus was waving at me saying. “Hi Jean.” Of course I waved back, “Hi Jesus.” Did a mention a high fever. . . Anyway, it occurred to me that Jesus is often calling to let us know he is here, and wants to bring us comfort and joy.

Jesus wants to be our friend. To say, “Hi, I’m here. Come and have a cup of tea. Let’s sit and talk for awhile.” Jesus wants to be our friend, to bring us comfort and joy! Oh, now I get it!!


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