Blank Book

Walking through a brick and mortar bookshop, with a cup of tea awaiting me at the gift shop, is a luxury. I took my time browsing the covers, titles and occasionally turning a few pages. Getting ready for retirement in a few weeks, I was delighted to find a book entitled, “The joys of getting old and retirement.” With hope in my heart, I pulled the book from the shelf and turned to the first page. The book was blank – totally blank – not one word!!

Breaking into laughter, the kind that makes your eyes water and noise run, the clerk came to see if I was okay. I showed her the pages, she looked at me with total confusion, of course she was about 12 or twenty, I have problems telling. She handed the book back to me saying with just a touch of derision in her voice, “Lady, this is a dairy – for old people. You put in the words.” Trying not to appear anymore demented than she already though I was, I replied “So the joys of getting old are my choices, how I plan to fill in the days and pages?” She patted my arm, smiled and handed the book back to me. How I chose to fill in the blanks; choices, plans and claiming blessings is the point.

In part that is what this scripture is about Living in hope and joy, knowing that God loves us lifts us from just seeing the end of this or that, into the promise of new beginning. And who knows, we may ever find a laugh or two along the way, and of course a cup of tea.


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